The Posies - California Rocker Photo by Dot Pierson

The Posies to Release ‘Solid States’ and U.S. Tour Kicks off April 28

The Posies - California Rocker Photo by Dot Pierson
The Posies – Photo by Dot Pierson

By JOHN DALY – SEATTLE, Wash. — The Posies will release their first album in six years and will launch a tour to support the album, Solid States, due May 20.

“So many things have changed, either by choice or by circumstance, in the six years between this album and the one before it,” the PosiesKen Stringfellow said while discussing Solid States.  The band’s last album was Blood/Candy in 2010.

Solid States is out on MyMusicEmpire. A tour of the U.S. starts in Van Nuys, Calif. on April 28 and wraps in Oakland on May 29 (dates below).

“We’ve had two bandmates die, a divorce and remarriage, a transoceanic move … There’s been good things and difficult things, but nothing is in the same place for us.  So it makes sense that this record would sound different from its predecessors.”

“I think it’s our most adventurous record to date,” adds fellow singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Jon Auer, Stringfellow’s longstanding musical partner. “There was the conscious idea to strive for something different from the Posies of past, to use different colors and flavors.”

For more information see The Posies web page.

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