Cindy Jollotta - Image courtesy of Jollotta

‘Ghosts’ by Cindy Jollotta a Lesson in Respect for Daunting Memories


Cindy Jollotta’s video and song “Ghosts” is a lesson in giving respect to memories, like them or not.

Whether the result of a breakup or the parting of friends, it’s likely everyone has a story to tell about their history with people and relationships.

The Americana singer-songwriter seems to feel that relationships long dead actually serve a purpose. While they may be painful to recollect, sometimes it’s possible to look back and understand why memories of those relationships and friends cause grief.

Other times, there are no clear reasons why things don’t always work out, and while not always understood, the memories of the relationship can be respected.

We all have tough times in our lives and many of those times are intertwined with personal and relationship issues. Those memories may not be good and as Cindy indicates in the video, they may also be cumbersome. But they are always there.

“Filling the future with ghosts,” which is the killer line from this strong track from Cindy  stays with you and makes you think. But the question is, should people make a  conscious decision to eliminate the ghosts from one’s life?

The imagery in the video by Cindy and assistant director Dan Reynolds succinctly sums up the feelings associated with carrying a burden while trying to continue a beautiful journey.

The song “Ghosts” is worthy of any top singer songwriter playlist. Check out Cindy’s Facebook page here.

Watch ‘Ghosts’ by Cindy Jollotta here:


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