Norine Braun Is Observant Passenger on New Album ‘Through Train Windows’


Vancouver-based Norine Braun has created a diverse collection of pop-rock ballads with Through Train Windows, a 13-song collection inspired by life on the road.

Through Train Windows was inspired by Braun’s cross-Canada Riding the Rails tour as Artist On Board with partner Alice Fraser last year.

She journeyed from Vancouver to Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal and Halifax, and during that time, Norine absorbed the ever-changing scenery from the Rocky Mountains to the lush forests and Atlantic Ocean.

Norine Braun – Courtesy image

Norine Braun: Roots Rock-Blues Style

The roots rock-blues style of music Braun puts forth is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan.

After her tour, Braun wrote the songs in her studio facing Sleeping Buffalo Mountain.

Our favorites are “I’m Going Home,” “Climbing Table Mountain,” “Rock The Rolling,” and “Through Train Windows.”

“I’m Going Home” an upbeat and straight ahead Americana rock tune complete with a souful harmonica guiding the way.

“Climbing Table Mountain” has a be-bop flare to it, like a mellow Stray Cats tune.

“Rock The Rolling” has a jazzy sax sound but has a beat that’s like a mid-1980s Police tune.

“Through Train Windows” is the title track and appropriately named as the song itself sounds like a train passing across miles and miles of destiny.

Watch a live performance video of Norine Braun previous work:


Track List
Norine Braun – Through Train Windows
1. Sleeping Buffalo 3:57
2. I’m Going Home 3:10
3. Jerkwater Town 2:55
4. Exhale 4:46
5. Climbing Table Mountain 3:42
6. Heading Up North 3:58
7. I’m Moving On 3:40
8. Rock the Rolling 3:57
9. Oh Canada 2:42
10. Rue St. Jean 3:35
11. Crosses and Sweetgrass 5:05
12. Heaven Only Knows 3:49
13. Through Train Windows 3:48
Producer: Adam Popowitz
Mixing and Mastering: Rear Window Song and Sound Studios
Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Rhythm Guitar: Norine Braun
Lead Guitar/Bass: Adam Popowitz
Drums/Percussion: Elliot Polsky
Blues Harp: Huggybear Leonard
Keys and Harmony Vocals on Rue St. Jean and I’m Going Home: Alice Fraser
Tenor Sax: Steve Hilliam

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