Sacramento Socio-Punks American High Release Album ‘U.N. Article 14’ 


American High is taking matters into their own hands with the new politically focused album U.N. Article 14.

Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states  everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. Not every song on U.N. Article 14 is about this particularly newsworthy topic, but it’s a great listen regardless.

American High is a Sacramento punk band influenced by 1960s music and the guys have an indie-alternative take on music.

The collection is diverse ranging from a methodic reggae-style beat to raging rock. But more importantly, their songs are serving a purpose that few journalists are allowed to today.

They’re like Blink-182 with a punk vibe but the music has a purpose. Socio-punk fans of Green Day, the Sonics and Blink-182 will be particularly fond of this lofty and well-crafted record.

Listen to ‘U.N. Article 14’ here:

Band Members:

D.T.(rhythm guitar), E.S.(lead guitar), F.M. (Bass), T.M. (drums).
Production: American High produced the record.
Recorded and mixed by Joe Johnson of Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento, Calif.

The “Cheye Calvo” video recently won the PureM Music Awards for Best US Music Video.  The track is also being played on BBC6 currently.

Watch ‘Cheye Calvo’ by American High here:

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