The Woggles by Donna Balancia for West Coast Rocker

The Woggles Take The 1960s Sound to The West Coast in May

Mighty Manfred rocks the house photo © Donna Balancia
Mighty Manfred rocks the house – Photo © Donna Balancia

Mighty Manfred and the rest of the Woggles will be hitting the West Coast in May.

The Woggles play the Regent Theater in Los Angeles on May 19; they play the Fillmore in San Francisco on May 20; the Woggles move on to The Neptune in Seattle on May 22, and play Dante’s in Portland, Ore., on May 23.

They’ve got that groovy sound and they’re just as familiar to people around the block or around the world.  The Woggles are Buzz Hagstrom, thumper; Flesh Hammer, picker; The Professor Mighty Manfred, wailer and Dan Eletxro, beater.

woggles2-wtmk-rThe Woggles are a handful and get ready to do a lot of moving and groovin’ at one of the shows.  The style is amped up surf with driving drums and cool wailing lead guitar, perfect tunes to kick off the beach season. They may be from Atlanta, but The Woggles have a more than cool ultra Southern California vibe.  Especially when Mighty Manfred goes up into the rafters above the crowd or down onto the floor.

The Woggles have amassed a great inventory of product and they’ve played with everyone from Dick Dale to The Troggs.



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