Erich Mrak Blends Today’s Sound with EDM Orchestration in ‘Navigate’


Erich Mrak has released the first of six singles with “Navigate,” a sweepingly orchestrated electronic and vocal piece.

“Navigate” is magnificent in its simplicity and represents a new style of music that’s on the rise today, blending heartfelt vocals with a counterpoint, ticking-clock melody.

Written by Erich and his producer, Bento, the twosome have created a work that centers on that gnawing feeling of being on the receiving — or perhaps not receiving — end of getting an answer from someone.

Releasing Singles One at a Time

In life, aren’t we all waiting for something? Either it’s about waiting for a “big break,” or for an answer to a proposal. And worse, in our tech-driven age, we wonder if the other party even got our communication or offer in the first place.

Mrak’s singles will at some point comprise an EP, after all in today’s world singles may get more attention when released individually than an album might. Technology has changed the way songs are released and appreciated.

And perhaps by releasing songs individually, Erich and Bento may be able to avoid the wait for an answer from a listening public. 

“Navigate” is appealing to those who like orchestration and modern electronic sound. It is the newest song on our list of well-liked works.

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