Night Herons Makes a ‘Relevant Noise’ With New Album


Oakland’s Night Herons band takes rock back to an earthy grit.

The new album, Relevant Noise, introduces the listener to a raw sound that blends garage rock with current day lyrics.

Night Herons is reminicent of some of the fun rock bands of the early 1970s.


Night Herons Like the Bird

Night Herons is a band like the local bird, which hangs in the trees watching life go on below.

Above the roaring, guitar driven songs the band is known for, the sounds camouflage dark themes in interesting melodies.

The band is comprised of Dana Berry on vocals, drums and guitar, Mike Assenzio on guitar, and Larry Huene on guitar and drums.


Dark Topics, Bright Music

Berry’s favorite topic is disillusionment and seeing  the light after groping through dark tunnels.

Berry said the process of staying sober, of opening up and reaching out, is a theme he uses throughout his lyrics.

“Heavy on the sauce, light on the feeling pain, half full of empty promises…” he sings on “Let Me In.”

The band has a strong message to get across and does it in a believable, non-pretentious way.  We look forward to more work from Night Herons.


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