The Goldwyn Experiment to Release Diverse Collection of Songs with ‘Avenue B’


The Goldwyn Experiment has released an album entitled Avenue B, following up last year’s Avenue A release.

Avenue B is a cool collection of songs that are beautifully produced and which represent a range of emotions and styles. Goldwyn clearly has a knack for putting his music to an interesting storyline.

Goldwyn Thandrayen is known as the guitarist in Montreal rock and roll band Psychocide, which also released an album recently.

The Goldwyn Experiment – Sad Boy Summer ft. GUEST & Tommy Atomic DiRocco [Episode 6]


Modern Rap Blended with Jazz and Metal

It’s rap but it’s got a jazzy feel to it. That’s because Goldwyn studied jazz from an early age. He’s taken the classic sounds of a niche genre and blended it with today’s word-spitting scene to create an interesting result.

The new album, Avenue A, by The Goldwyn Experiment, blends a range of music style: From funk and jazz to rap-hip-hop and classical piano. There’s even a Gogol Bordello sound in there particularly on Track 2, “Vodka Tea.”

Other appealing songs are “Bag of Nails,” that unapologetically uses some great rock and roll guitar and throwback phonograph sound.  Smooth piano jazz fans will also find a gem with Track 6, “Interlude.”

Appropriate for this time of year, when daytime thoughts of many turn into dreams of warmer climes, Track 9 “Let It Snow” captures a destination like Miami perfectly. “Queen of the Night” celebrates metal rock at its finest.

Check out the single on Soundcloud:


Track List
1. Prologue
2. Vodka Tea
3. Bag of Nails
4. Sad Boy Summer
5. Fast Response
6. Interlude
7. Whale Jail
8. Arrows
9. Let it Snow
10. Queen Of The Night
11. Epilogue

Goldwyn Thandrayen : Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Art Hirahara – Piano, Keys
Evan Gregor – Upright Bass
Kenny Grohowski – Drums
Featured Vocals/Rapper on Sad Boy Summer Tyler Guest and Tommy Atomic DiRocco Guest Vocals – Wilson Li


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