Maz Karandish Presents Intricate ‘Liquid Lotus’ Album to the World


On the first album from Maz Karandish, there are a lot of influences from different parts of the world. 

There are nine songs on the record, each of which is related to a particular Indian Raga. Once the listener is engaged it’s apparent there are differing voice textures that sound as if they’re from India, and in fact these are from the Indian Dhrupad tradition. On the album Maz sings in Hindi, Farsi, and English as well.

Liquid Lotus by Maz Karandish is out now - Courtesy photo
Liquid Lotus by Maz Karandish is out now – Courtesy photo

Maz says Liquid Lotus is less of an album with back to back songs than it is a deep journey. There is a variety of sounds on the album, which moves through a range of sound from distant tones to rhythmic trances. He uses Sitar, Oud, Turkish Saz, Dilruba and Bansuri instruments.

Maz studies music. His work ranges from Raga, Maqam, and Dastgah to jazz, and opera. For the last 20 years, Maz has respected and studies the music and the cultures to which they connect. He loves the sitar and focuses on how the instrument is used in Imdad-Khani tradition. He is Persian and enjoys the pursuit of Persian classical and folk genres.

Maz has been working on Mah-Ze-Tar since 2015.

Official Music Video for Liquid Lotus: 


Extensive touring around California and Oregon

Played Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and many other festivals on the West Coast

Collaborations with Kaminanda and Desert Dwellers

Actively records and performs with Indian Fusion Artist Priya Mohan 


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Release Info

Artist Name Mah-Ze-Tar

Location Santa Barbara, California 

Release Name Liquid Lotus

Label Independent

Producer Elliot Lanam 


Track List



Liquid Lotus

Cosmic Union



Folk Tune



Musicians Maz Karandish- Instruments, Vocals, & Compositions 

Styles World, Fusion, Ambient, Experimental 


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