Review: Gideon King and City Blog Release ‘Upscale Madhouse’


Gideon King and City Blog release Upscale Madhouse, a cool jazzy-funk style record with a variety of great musicians all taking part.

It’s a collaborative work that takes jazz one step forward and gives everyone something different to listen to.


Gideon King and Colleagues Collaborate for Great Music

New York-based jazz and pop group released their first single “Fake It On Facebook” ahead of the album and it received good reviews. In 2015, Gideon King and City Blog released a full length CD, City Blog. 

Gideon is a story unto himself as he seemingliy enjoys working in a group.  He’s worked for years making a name for himself as one of the most important new talents on the New York Jazz scene. King has worked with John Scofield, members of Steely Dan and many others in the business.

On Upscale Madhouse, King also enlists the help of jazz notable Marc Broussard, the son of Ted Broussard the Louisiana Hall of Fame guitarist.

What’s different about this album is that the music hits all the peaks and valleys jazz enthusiasts look for, but keeps the tone funky and rock-based.  It’s a tough line to walk in today’s competitive music scenario, but Gideon makes it work beautifully with a little help from his friends.

Favorites on the album are “Broken and Beautiful,” “Love You Love You Love You” and “God I’m So Alone.”


Artist Name: Gideon King and City Blog

Location: NYC

Release Name: Upscale Madhouse

Producer: Gideon King

Track List:

1. Going Straight to Hell 

2. Upscale Madhouse 

3. Broken & Beautiful 

4. Fake it on Facebook 

5. Love you Love you Love you 

6. Gun to My Head 

7. For Your Own Sake 

8. So Evolved 

9. God, I’m So Alone 

10. Look Ma No Hands

Musicians: Conrad Sewell; Elliott Skinner; Marc Broussard, John Scofield, Donny Mccaslin, Carolyn Leonhart, Brendan Fletcher, Grace Weber, James Genus, Kate Kelsey Sugg

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