Monique Angele and her Angelic Voice Sing of Longing in ‘Hold On’


When Monique Angele sings, the world listens.

The emerging Canadian singer-songwriter lives in Melbourne, Australia now, but her music is inspired by her childhood and her dreams of the future. 

She has released a new video for the song ‘Hold On,’ a single on her latest album, Alive.

Watch the video for “Hold On” here:


Monique Angele’s Latest Album, ‘Alive’

Monique’s new album release, Alive, is an insightful and introspective trip she brings us on. she writes and sings about survival, heartbreak and triumph.

Opera and musical theater are obviously Monique’s strengths and she was trained in opera. At a young age she knew that performing her own music would be her life’s path. 

Alive was released last September and was produced by Sean O’Sullivan.

Alive Track List: 1. Pink Coloured Sky; 2. Our Paradise; 3. Forever Strong; 4. Rare Girl; 5. Hold On; 6. I Want a World 

Credits: Monique Angele: Vocals and Piano; All songs written and performed by Monique Angele; Vocals and Piano: Monique Angele; Drums: Shawn Burgess; Violin: Sarah Busuttil; Guitar, Bass and Other Instruments: Sean O’Sullivan from Highway 9 Productions Producer/Recording Engineer: Sean O’Sullivan from Highway 9 Productions. Mastered by Joe Carra from Crystal Mastering

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