Night Tongue Draws The Darkness Close to the Heart with ‘Achelous + Melpomene’


Night Tongue is one of those darkwave bands that makes you feel like you are either at a gothic dagger fest or in church.  The duo has a wide-ranging synth fuzz sound on the album Achelous + Melpomeme and it’s impressive.

The Australian post-punk twosome is making the rounds in Los Angeles and carries with them their experiences from down under. There’s the looming experience of doom that comes with the works of Night Tongue, like being on the inside of a closing wave that’s about to crash on shore.

Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell blend all the feelings associated with horror, sex and death, expressed through synth, drum machine, bass, guitar and cello. There is a fuzzy spaghetti western sound that pervades but it’s not upbeat and happy.

Night Tongue paints pictures from sound combinations and takes it to the next level with Carisa’s exquisite vocals and Andrew’s masterful guitar. There is a sense that the music is based on prayers and sounds from a tabernacle.

The band duo has an impressive resume and has performed with White Magic, Steve Albini, Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and David J of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets and LA locals Gitane Demone and Rikk Agnew (Christian Death).

The band said its 10-inch EP Achelous + Melpomene “tells the story of the birth of the Sirens in Southern Italy, mothered by the Muse of Tragedy, Melpomene and fathered by the ancient underworld God of the oceans Achelous. The sirens, born from this dark union, sing of both the sweetness and sadness, that is love, life and death.”

Check it out on Bandcamp:


Artist Name: Night Tongue
Location: Los Angeles
Release Name: Achelous and Melpomene
Label Independent
Producer Night Tongue

Track List
1. Nautical Heart
2. The Gate
3. Heiros Gamos
Carisa Bianca Mellado: Vocals, Bass, Synths
Andrew Dalziell: Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Cello
Styles Post-Punk, Gothic, Darkwave

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