‘End of Time’ a Blend of Avant-Garde Metal with Spoken Word


The new album, End of Time by Samuel Fishman is a creative work that summons up all the styles from avant-garde to rock with interesting results.

The album is treasure trove of sound, with spoken word a la British accent, Russian-sounding violin, and — of all things — metal songs.

It’s the kind of album you can put on when you’re feeling reflective and you will likely find something in it that’s truly enjoyable. It’s not necessarily going to be heard on the first play. But after a few listens, End of Time can become an important part of your collection.

The first full song out of the box, “Omen,” is a prog-metal dynamo that shows off the band’s talents on a range of levels. Powerful vocals and urgent drumming trademark this track.

Another track that is particular note is Voices Emerge, an intricate work that brings an anthemic metal sensibility to an otherwise interesting and straightforward rock track. But there is a blend of styles on the album that makes End of Time, endlessly compelling.

“Stolen Lives” is up there with any of the more avant-garde metal songs out there today, reminiscent of the band Philm or the new Pancho Tomaselli-led band Ultraphonix, blending funky bass with demanding and persistent rock.

Track List
1. The Musings of Your Heart (A Path Illuminated)
2. Sh’ma Sh’ma
3. Don’t Forget You Can Breathe
4. Omens
5. Pure Kinetic Energy (Inside the Labyrinth)
6. Voices Emerge
7. Grand Design (Outside the Labyrinth)
8. Stolen Lives
9. Sulfuric Fumes of Fury (Enter the Dark)
10. Mantra
11. Final Distance to the Clock
12. The Space Between Calm and Catastrophe (Approaching the End of Time)
13. The End of Time
14. A Short Dream
15. A Short Dream Revisited

Debbie Grattan: Narrator
Jeremy Fishman: Writer
Samantha Cram: Vocals
Ryan Acquaotta: Vocals
Kurt Wubbenhorst: Guitar and Bass
Alex Goldenthal: Lead Guitar
Sam Fishman: Drums and Synths
Christine Nevill: Aux Vocals
BCA Chamber Choir: Aux Vocals
Alicia Svigals: Violin
Brandon Campbell: Orchestral Programming
Shane Stanton: Mixing and Recording
Andy Vandette: Mastering

Styles Progressive Rock, Alternative, Metal, Hard Rock
Similar To Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, David Bowie

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