With Debut EP, Crushwater Proves a Gentle But Strong Music Power


Crushwater moves the emotional landscape one drop at a time.

Unlike its powerful name, the Crushwater band takes a smoothing approach to music, shaping stories with waterfalls of great melodies and symbolic lyrics. The band’s EP Cactus Storm is an impressive bow.

A cross between Vance Joy and James Taylor with extra added classical violin, the band has an appealing EP that captures a sense of joy of living. The merger of these sounds is a terrific result of mellow music that can be enjoyed at leisure.

The Crushwater team came together when Scott Sullivan and Chandra Johnson blended their talents, Sullivan as songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and pianist and Johnson as classically trained musician on violin, strings and vocals.

The voices of Sullivan and Johnson set against the understated percussion from Casey Northern give an elegant Americana lift to the music. Our favorite tracks on the album are “Fly Fly Fly,” a beautiful upbeat song about survival and love and “Blue Moon,” an appropriate follow up.

This is the kind of work that gets the foot tapping and the mind working, considering the important and touching moments we all experience.

Artist Name Crushwater
Location Port Angeles, Washington
Release Name The Cactus Storm
Release Date November 4, 2017
Label Independent
Producer Scott Sullivan

Track List

1. Intro
2. Fly, Fly, Fly
3. Blue Moon
4. Starry Skies
5. California

Scott Sullivan: Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Chandra Johnson: Violin, Vocals, Strings
Casey Northern: Drums

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