Nocturnal Blonde Sees Happier Days with ‘Smart Heart’


Nocturnal Blonde is one of those bands that takes the popular shoegaze style and takes it to a new level with the debut album Smart Heart.

But there’s a story to this beautifully haunting music. Ritchie Williams, who produces as well as plays guitar and sings, got into this because of the tragic overdose of his brother, Dave, who suffered significant neurological damage from opioids.

Local, veteran talents Kevin Sims on bass and James Owen on percussion were invited to join Williams for the project.

The EP is compiled of material that Dave and Ritchie, brothers and best friends, collaborated on just before Dave’s mental and medical complications. They co-wrote nearly all the songs that make up the material on the album

The first album from Nocturnal Blonde blends elements of classic folk with blues rock. Nocturnal Blonde presents a unique sound that offers different sounds on each track, reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and yet accomodating the modern music taste of today. Rachel Adams’ voice is something that blows the listener away.


Artist Name: Nocturnal Blonde

Location: Athens, GA

Release Name: Smart Heart

Release Date: June 11, 2018

Label: Independent

Producer: Ritchie Williams

Track List:

1. Smart Heart

2. Blown Away

3. Two Trees

4. All Those Angels

5. Drained


Rachel Adams: Vocals

Ritchie Williams: Vocals and Guitar

Kevin Sims: Bass

James Owen: Percussion

Check out their Facebook page

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