Husks Creates Beauty from Horror


Husks created something beautiful out of the horrible.

It was a tough time for the musician who suffered a breakup of both the band and a turbulent relationship. Husks is the brainchild of Connor Small, who is fully engaged in the new style talking-electric genre that blends avant garde with mellow hip hop style. It’s not something all listeners would image works, but it does.

Maybe the music is a result of Small’s intense study of movie scores.

Small was known in regional circles for his electro-soul pop group Youth Culture, which dropped its first album in 2016.  Two years later, Small finds himself on lead vocals. He found a great co-writer in Becca Krueger

“After the breakup of my band, Youth Culture, and the ending of a turbulent relationship, I decided to take a break from music. I couldn’t even pick up an instrument for months. I went down a really deep hole of binge-watching horror movies on Netflix and feeling sorry for myself. What brought me out of it was listening to the scores from those films.

“I realized that they affected me so much because those tones and atmospheres really hit to the core of what I was feeling in a visceral, physical way. I was scared, lonely, sad – and all of these sounds made me feel less so. So I began to seek out music that incorporated the “horror” aspect of music. I couldn’t find much that was in keeping with the modern, electronic/ambient sounds so I began making it for myself.

“Eventually, this EP grew from that. It is the sound of me working through all of that loneliness and giving it a place to live. Hopefully, it gives other people going through the same emotions a place to channel that, and helps them get through their day and feel less alone.”


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Release Name: Design Me EP

Release Date: Jun 22, 2018

Label: Independent

Producer: Husks (Self – Connor Small)

Track List:

1. Shapeshifter

2. Reach

3. Corrode

4. Design Me

5. If I Had A Heart


Connor Small: Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Drum Programming

Styles: Dark Pop, Electronic Pop, Trip-Hop, Alternative Pop

Similar To: Fever Ray, Arca, FKA Twigs, Bon Iver, Flume, Zola Jesus

Release Notes

All songs co-written by Becca Krueger

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