Halfwait Makes it ‘Official’ With New Album


Halfwait from Sydney, Australia makes a foray into the U.S. territories with a cool new album, The Official.

Halfwait from Australia was started by Jon Barca guitar-vocals and Chris Tallon on drums back in 2009. The guys were 20 years old.

Barca and Tallon had been playing music together since they were 15 years old, playing original songs and covers of Silverchair in Chris’ parents’ garage.

Bassist Nath Stalenberg joined the band. Halfwait’s first demo, “One Life, One Chance,” was self-released in 2010, which was followed up by their first EP sharing the same name which contained a few new songs and a higher quality recording.

The music is scenic, depicting much of what their corner of the world looks like. The songs on the EP are filled with hope and inspiration and there is good technical quality in the engineering of the record as well as the music.

Listen to The Official on spotify:

At the end of 2012, they hit a roadblock and went on a hiatus with the passing of a close friend. The band reformed in 2014 with a new drive to write new songs dedicated one to their lost friend Levi.

Forever, the band’s second EP, was released in February 2017. This EP was driven by the dedication song “King Of The West,” as well as singles “Fly Away,” “Without You,” “Changes,” and a track called “Late Nights.”

Stalenberg left the band in 2017 to pursue other interests and was subbed by Nick Seroukas. The band has played various states and cities to support the EP.

In the middle of it all, they recorded their debut album titled The Official with producers Chris Blancato (Bare Bones) and Dave Petrovic (Electric Sun).

In a world of free downloads, this is a record we would buy. The music shows the mastery of the musicians and the recording is professionally mixed and mastered.

Artist Name: Halfwait

Location: Sydney, Australia
Release Name: The Official
Release Date: Jun 08, 2018
Label: Independent
Producer: Dave Petrovic

Track List:

1. Leave
2. Taking Over
3. Save Me
4. Who Are You
5. Stand Alone
6. Go Away
7. Never Maybe
8. Make It On Your Own
9. Would You?
10. Now And The After
11. Home

 Jon Barca- Vocals/Guitar
 Chris Tallon- Drums/Backing Vocal
 Nick Sero- Bass/Backing Vocal
Styles: Rock 
 Punk Rock

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