‘Can’t Stop Now’ Takes a Spiritual Approach to New Music


Can’t Stop Now is the seventh album from Suki Rae. It’s 10 tracks of spiritual songs that are mainly gospel-style blues and folk.

“Can’t Stop Now” opens with two traditional sounding gospel songs, “Peace by Piece,” and “Can’t Stop Now,” which is a little reminiscent of Laura Nyro.

Suki Rae ‘Can’t Stop Now’ Has Spiritual Style

It’s clear that Suki Rae could be a great children’s music composer as there is s whimsical aspect to these songs, like “I’m Gonna Climb.”

“Water from the Fountain,” sounds like what it is, cascading water with a church theme. The album quietly shifts its gregarious style to a more subdued hymn type song on “Walking Mandala,” and “Waiting for the Light.”

For “There’s Someone Watchin’ Over You,” a full-bodied piano and blues-infused comes on the scene. This is the highlight of the album, a sound B.B. King would appreciate.  It’s still in keeping with the worship-style tunes that dominate the rest of the album. “That which hath been” is a haunting, church-organ heavy song with an eye for the dramatic.

Suki Rae has released 'Can't Stop Now' - Photo courtesy of Suki Rae
Suki Rae has released ‘Can’t Stop Now’ – Photo courtesy of Suki Rae

‘Can’t Stop Now’ a Group Effort

“Cast Away” switches away again, leading with violin and flute, Suki Rae’s voice is the solo attraction here. The album wraps with “Alowan,” which opens with a Native American style beat that carries through the whole song.

In all, Can’t Stop Now is soaked in spiritual and heavenly references. It’s a good effort incorporating the type of music not all people may take the time to hear.

Artist Name: Suki Rae and Company
Location: New York City, New York
Release Name: Can’t Stop Now
Release Date: Apr 13, 2018
Label: Reverence for Life Records- my own label
Producer: SUKI RAE
Track List:
1. Peace by Piece
2. Can’t Stop Now
3. I’m Gonna Climb( to the top of the Mountain)
4. Water from the Fountain( Peace on Earth)
5. Walking Mandala
6. Waitin’ for the Light
7. There’s Someone Watchin’ Over You
8. That which hath been
9. Cast Away
10. Alowan( Song of Praise)

Steve Bloom: Guitar
Kennan Keating: Guitar
KJ Jacobs- Bass
Barry Kornhauser: Cello
Andrey Golodukhin: Drums
Chris Howard: Percussion
Ayana Lowe,Andru Cann,Sumati Bates,Benita Charles,Greg Cross:Vocals
Flute,keyboards,vocals,songwriter: Suki Rae

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