Aya Maguire Releases The Past with New Album ‘The Sandcastle King’


For Aya Maguire, her debut album, The Sandcastle King, represents growth that won’t be washed away by an errant wave.

The delicate music by the Boulder, Colo.-based musician is the expression of six years of developing as a writer and as a person. The Sandcastle King will be released on July 13.

The track “There’s no such thing as a Portland Thunderstorm,” laments lost love but handles the topic in a touching manner. “Colors” revisits lost love but there is acceptance in the words.

Aya Maguire is leaving the past behind - Photo courtesy of Aya Maguire
Aya Maguire is leaving the past behind – Photo courtesy of Aya Maguire

Maguire is one of those talents that came to rise in high school and took on open mic nights during college. She practiced her craft and brought it wider when she moved from Portland to Boulder in 2015.

Maguire says there is no use in holding on to the past and the title track reflects this.

“All chapters eventually close,” Maguire said. “At its essence, the song asks what it means to hold onto a single identity when life shifts. In releasing my debut album, I once again find myself closing a chapter and opening the door to the unknown, this time with those hard-won lessons behind me.”

Video “Water Rise” Live at The Speakeasy:


Artist Name: Aya Maguire
Location: Boulder, CO
Release Name: The Sandcastle King
Release Date: Jul 13, 2018
Label: Independent
Producer: Taylor Marvin
Track List:
1. Oh My Heart
2. Two to Fold
3. The Start
4. Water Rise
5. Colors
6. There’s no such thing as a Portland Thunderstorm
7. Child’s Play
8. Foundations
9. Internecine Child
10. How You Breathe
11. The Sandcastle King

 Aya Maguire: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, cello; 
Brian McRae: Drums; 
Bradley Morse: electric bass, standup bass
; Pamela Machala: keys; 
Liz Berube: vocals (harmony); 
Courtlyn Carpenter: cello; 
Tess Van Laanen: violin; 
Taylor Marvin: electric guitar, tambourine

Styles: Folk, Indie, Singer-Songwriter, Americana
Video: “How You Breathe” by Aya Maguire:

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