Disaster Relief Band Brings Jazzy Joy to Sufferers of Boring Music


If you’re in need of relief look no further than the music of the jazzy blues band Disaster Relief.

Disaster Relief features an all-star lineup of jazz musicians from Ann Arbor and Detroit and they really know how to strike a chord.

The group provides a great musical escape through their fun tunes that bring back cool sounds of sax and upbeat notes. The group is known for its bold brass and funked up arrangements. The album is sure to get you out of your seat and get you up and dancing.

Disaster Relief provides the good times for all.

The group is comprised of Darrin James on guitar, and organ, Brennan Andes on bass, Rob Avsharian on drums, Dan Bennett on baritone sax, Tim Haldeman on tenor sax, Ross Huff on trumpet, and Molly Jones on tenor sax.

It’s great music, check out the self-titled album here:


Disaster Relief started out as a friendly band of musicians who wanted to get together and practice and make good music. The result is a seriously good band that is giving the world some cool grooves.

We are partial to a few of the tracks on this self-titled album, including “Too Soon for June,” and “September Skunk.”

Disaster Relief provides cool vibes that emanate from a free-flowing style. The name of the band is perfect because these musicians provide relief to those of us suffering from the disaster of boring music.


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