In the Light of Led Zeppelin Enhances the Classic Rock Band’s Legacy


Pompeii Sessions is the latest work from In The Light of Led Zeppelin, the tribute band that expands on the work of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

This is an interesting tribute band, that didn’t necessarily go by similiarity to the real Led Zeppelin in looks. Instead In The Light of Led Zeppelin went with terrific musicians who have the passion to pull this off.

Tribute bands aren’t my thing, really, but tribute bands represent an entire genre of musical performance that brings in the big bucks. After all, who among the 19-to-25-year-old crowd has seen classic bands that no longer exist, like The Beatles or The Monkees or any band from the 1970s?  And if you’re geographically located where a lot of the big bands don’t travel, tribute bands are the closest you will ever get to seeing the real thing.

Pompeii Sessions is masterfully created and the musicians know their craft. The album will be released towards the end of July and we anticipate this release.

Led Zeppelin is getting back together, but they’ll be playing only Glastonbury fest for now. And the Led Zeppelin of today is not the same band that came to rise in the 1970s. So, the only thing the young generation has to go off is the performances of tribute bands if they want a similar experience to getting the real deal.

In The Light of Led Zeppelin provides all the interesting nuances of the real Led Zeppelin and gives a little something extra in the form of respect. One great thing about tribute bands is the whole experience is exactly that: A tribute that gives respect to the music and the talents of the originating band. In The Light of Led Zeppelin succeeds on these levels.

Music Videos
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Contact Details
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Release Info
Artist Name: In The Light of Led Zeppelin
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Release Name: Pompeii Sessions
Release Date: Jul 23, 2017
Label: unsigned
Producer: Autumn Martini & Antonio Bolet
Track List:
1. Dancing Days
2. Ramble On
3. Battle of Evermore
4. The Rain Song
5. Friends
6. Four Sticks
7. Kashmir
Antonio Bolet: Guitar, Mandolin, Slide and Acoustic
Scott Board: Vocals: Percussion
Autumn Martini: Bass and Acoustic Guitar
Randi Fishenfeld: Violin
Linda Kiley: Keyboard/Synth, Mandolin and Backing Vocals
Keith Howard: Drums
Styles: Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, World Music
Similar To: Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

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