Cordova’s ‘Runaway Summer’ Brings Modern Twist to Metal Rock


Runaway Summer is the second album by Cordova, a heavy metal-style band with a heart.

The New Mexico-based band has a string of accolades under its collective belt.

They won the 2016 “Speaking Rock Battle of the Bands” and $10k; they’ve opened for Drowning Pool, Saliva, Buckcherry, Bobaflex, Puddle of Mud, Crazytown, Kyng, Murder FM, Hawthorne Heights, Damage Inc., and Scarlet Canary; and they played SXSW 2017.

The songs on Runaway Summer range in topics, but mainly have to do with fixing the condition we humans are in.

Marked by booming thunderous bass and drums, great guitar and cool vocals, this is the album for people who like melodies and pure power.

“Hiding,” the first single off the EP, has a gravelly bass with synth-style sounds.  It’s a softer approach to a loud rock song. It has all the elements a true rocker wants.

“Runaway Summer,” the title track, has a serious purpose beneath its vocal-leading music. The epidemic of runaway children in the United States and beyond might be reduced if parents and friends speak honestly. But it’s difficult to overcome the need that young people have to explore their growth into adulthood. Don’t we all feel like running away from time to time?

“Trigger Happy” is pure rock.  Reminiscent of Foreigner, this takes a melody line similar to “I’ve Been Waiting,” puts a faster spin on in and it keeps the listener engaged. It’s a cool journey through the world of “think before you speak.” A common problem in today’s rapid communication world.

“Weighted” has a jazzy feel to it, with a great beat and fun style. It addresses social anxieties and paralysis that happens when you’re overburdened with too much incoming data.

Check out the video for “Trigger Happy”

Artist Name: Cordova

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Release Name: Runaway Summer

Release Date: Apr 06, 2018

Label: Independent

Producer: Cordova

Track List:



3.Trigger Happy



Oliver Charity : Vocals

Scott Guthrie : Guitars

Jason Reed : Bass

Erik Kurtz : Guitars

Mikey Stampede : Drums

Styles: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Rock

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