Wulijimuren Presents Mongolian Rock with Album ‘Sun of UTC+8’


Wulijimuren creates beautiful sounds that have an upbeat take on wordless music.  The vast travels of this musician have contributed to the sound, as the songs blend the best of American rock with European and Asian flair.

Wulijimuren has toured extensively across North America, including performances at Carnegie Hall and Webster Hall in New York. He’s won multiple awards and accepts the accolades with grace. The best thing we can say is his music is reminiscent of Carlos Santana’s golden age.

In 2016, Wulijimuren took the Silver Award in the Music Video Category of Global Music Awards. In 2015 he performed Mongolian fiddle and Mongolian throat singing with rock band Tengger Cavalry.

Check out the Wulijimuren music on Soundcloud: 

Wulijimuren and the Music

The songs are sweeping musical narratives that tell the different stories in wulijimuren’s life. We are fond of “Footsteps,” which should be called “Freedom,” because it sounds like birds flying in the sky. But in order to get to those high achievements we must walk.

With “Photo Studio on the Love Street” is a clear tip of the hat to Pat Metheny with a gorgeous and emotional stroll past where the future may lie. The title track “Sun of UTC+8” is a sunny (and son-y) song highlighted by the cooing of a baby’s voice. A creative and uplifting work, it mirrors the style of the entire collection.

Download Sun of UTC+8 HERE 

Release Info

Artist Name: wulijimuren

Location: NYC Quees

Release Name: SUN OF UTC+8

Label: Mongolian Guitar music

Producer: Wulijimuren

Track List:

01. Rock boots of midnight at the roadside
02. Railway Station Ulaanbaatar
03. Train to the west
04. Ticket to hometown
05. Liquor of my hometown
06. The fate of blue wolf
07. Vast Sky
08. Photo studio on the Love street
09. Dream of blue mountain
10. Sun of UTC+8
11. Footsteps
12. Twelve years


Wulijimuren: All musical instruments

Styles: Pop-Rock

Artist Links

Check out Wulijimuren on Facebook

See his Youtube Channel

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