Review: ‘Dear Absentee Creator’ Blends Political Rock and Diverse Sounds


Dear Absentee Creator is a creative project from one-man-band Astral Cloud Ashes. The music is raw with gruff vocals paired with emotion evoking melodies.

Astral Cloud Ashes is inspired by the rise of bitcoin coupled with Asian influences.

“There’s a Japanese theme running through this record,” said Antony Walker, AKA Astral Cloud Ashes. “I wrote the songs on this album whilst getting more and more fascinated by the world of cryptocurrency which is another massive passion of mine.


Bitcoin and Japan are Obsessions

“There’s a lot of speculation that the mysterious and unknown creator of Bitcoin may be Japanese or that the digital currency may have originated from Japan, I was certainly influenced by the developments in the crypto world while I was writing the songs,” he said.

‘Maroon 5 Meets Political Activism’

Walker’s music is a blend of popular new alternative heard on the radio stations and American-style rock like that of Maroon 5 or Blink-182.  There are some political mentions and a blatant reference to chemtrails in the track “Iron Shirts.”  “Iron Shirts” is clearly a favorite track on the album with a fast pace and upbeat tone.

Another fun track is “Clock Hand Reversal,” complete with a great ticking clock effect on percussion.

Maybe one of Walker’s true talents is as voiceover performer. His vocals and inflections create a cast of interesting characters all along this album. Overall, a great effort from a musician who truly has a lot to say.

Release Info

Artist Name: Astral Cloud Ashes

Location: Jersey (Channel Islands)

Release Name: Dear Absentee Creator

Release Date: May 04, 2018

Label: Independent

Producer: Antony Walker

Track List:

1. News Anchor breaks rank
2. Moonphase Bloom
3. Old Moods
4. A Reformatted Heart
5. Ryukyu Kingdom declares Independence
6. Ironed Shirts
7. Dallas Knows the Reason
8. Clock Hand Reversal
9. Satoshi Nakamoto vs Unyielding Desire for BAU
10. Gush
11. Kimobetsu Love


Antony Walker: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths

Release Notes:

All music and words: Antony Walker

(except Drums on track 1, 3 and 9 by Max Saidi, Piano and some backing vocals on track 11 by James Elliott Field, also some backing vocals on track 2; Cymbals on track 8 by Melle Brouwer)

Written/recorded/performed/produced: Antony Walker
Recorded at Mapley Studios
Mixed by:
James Elliott Field, Old Wheelwrights Studio (Devon) [tracks 1,2 & 11]
Fuzz, RADAR Sound Services (Hampton) [track 3 & 10]
Josh ‘Hoagie’ Harrison, Brighton Electric (Brighton) [track 4]
Rich Collins, Snug Recording Studio (Derby) [track 5]
Peter Junge, Offtape Studios (Borehamwood) [track 6]
Byron Hosking, The Lab Studios (London) [track 7]
Michel Vermeulen, Studio peggy51 (Amsterdam) [track 8]
Antony Walker, Mapley Studios (Jersey) [track 9]
Rasmus Bredvig, Tapetown Studio (Denmark) [drums_track 9]
Mastered by: Tim Turan, Turan Audio
Album cover artwork by: Alexey Chystikov
Album cover text design by: Bokra World



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