Agency Creates Beautiful Genre-Defying Music with ‘Exponents’


Agency uses some innovative sounds to create their new, genre-redefining album Exponents. If only the world could be as beautiful, innovative and diverse as this new record.

Don’t put this band in a box. The music has got the passion of rythmn and blues, the far-out sounds of alternative and the poetry of hip hop.  All together, Agency introduces a cohesive and interesting new category to the world: It’s called “music.”

Exponents is an introspective work that looks at life from different perspectives.

“Darkness” is a romantic piece that presents an interesting approach to Agency’s genre-blending trademark. It’s a romantic sound, regretful and soulfull at once.  With all the beautiful times shared by two people, why is it that we can’t honor and respect the relationships that were once so important to us?

The sounds and feelings Agency conveys in the tracks “Moonlight” and “Daylight” are, as the names may convey, rather different from one another. The former is filled with the feelings we get when the world stops and we are immersed in the routine of evening.

Moonlight and Daylight

“Daylight” almost takes the tone of a commuter heading about the daily chores and tasks, likely in a city.  The sounds of birds chirping certainly are an amusing follow-on to “letting it all go now.”

Another track that evokes emotions is “is there some other version of my story?” The track is a mysterious plea for reconciliation that all too sadly, most humans have experienced. The free-form cut off the album is more like poetry than an actual “song,” but the simple tones underscoring the words create an effective dynamic.

Exponents is a beautiful work that we look forward to playing again and again, as it provides great listening enjoyment and can be a source of highly subjective personal reflection and interpretation.

Artist Name: Agency
Location: USA
Release Name: Exponents
Release Date: May 11, 2018
Label: Anticodon Records
Producer: Joseph Vitterito
Track List:
1. Darkness
2. Moonlight
3. Daylight
4. is there some other version of my story?
5. nothing easy about me
A: keys, drums, composition, production
Z: vocals, keys, composition, production

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