Strange Culprits Band Experiments with Big, Classic Sound


Strange Culprits band has produced a dark and brooding self-titled album, and the music proves these musicians are neither strange, nor are they culprits guilty of anything other than making a good first album.

With big beats, straightforward clangy guitar and compelling vocals, the Strange Culprits album is basically a punk record that takes liberties to appeal to a broad range of listeners. The Strange Culprits are Jason Buckingham on vocals and guitar, Samantha Buckingham on bass and Tony Loftin on drums.

The first track, “Moonlight,” kicks off the album in a dark but up tempo mood. Were it not for the bold drumming this song might be another style of song in an indie alternative style. But with the big sound it puts the song in the punk realm.

“Rootless” has an Americana-punk sound to it, with Buckingham’s booming voice guiding the way. It’s clear that the music by Strange Culprits has a far-away quality to it.

While having a deep sound with the drums and the vocals, hanging tightly with each other, the guitar has enough fuzz for any lover of retro guitar and the basslines, particularly on “Let’s” are blissful.

The other favorite on the album is “Mija,” a blend of a Pearl Jam sound with an Allman Brothers vibe.  It pleads for a second and third play, begging the listener to understand this story of regret.

Overall the Strange Culprits album is an interesting work that elevates an ELO-like sound and puts a lonely twist on the songs and throws them out to the universe.

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Release Info

Artist Name: Strange Culprits

Location: Bay Area, California

Release Name: Strange Culprits

Release Date: Jun 08, 2018

Label: Independent

Producer: Strange Culprits

Track List:

1. Moonlight

2. When You’re Away

3. Fleeting Moments

4. Rootless

5. Let’s

6. Mija

7. Bless The Harlot

8. Fades Into

9. Concrete In The Rain


Jason Buckingham: Vocals and Guitar

Samantha Buckingham: Bass

Tony Loftin: Drums

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