‘And The Stars Above’ a Crisp, Avant-Garde Album from Armonite


And The Stars Above is the latest album by Armonite and it’s an avant-garde blend of electronic, rock and classical. These are the kinds of songs you could easily hear coming out of your TV on a Sunday night, or as the backdrop to a movie.

There is a tip of the hat to Gogol Bordello in its levity but there is a somewhat overbearing heaviness to the sound making the selection “March Of The Stars” sound as if it could be used for a dark adventure movie where the enemy is haphazardly advancing.

Armonite - Photo courtesy of band
Armonite – Photo courtesy of band

“Next Ride” sounds like the band has been listening to Tame Impala, but the eclectic violin still reminds the listener of an attempt to blend punk with electronic alternative.

“Freaks” is a song that focuses on a sole, central person whistling and it’s followed up by violin, some interesting drumming on a variety of instruments.  The piano plays a strong role here, accompanied by a range of electronic, analogue and perhaps home-made musical pieces.

“District Red” sounds as if it is Asian influenced and again what seems to be a Tame Impala influence comes through loud and clear with the violin adding a Primus-sounding uniqueness.

Armonite has released the album And The Stars Above

“By Heart” seems to get to the center of the matter, with strings and electronic elements all coming together in a bold, by emotion-twinged song.  It has an Asian flare to it, and it has no set pattern for drums and other percussive instruments.

Armonite’s debut record, The Sun Is New Each Day was produced at Abbey Road Studios and released in 2016 to massive critical acclaim. It features the Porcupine Tree bassist, Colin Edwin. They are also noted for their soundtrack covers from their webseries, The Soundtrack Is New Each Day.

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