‘Do You Believe?’ is the Question from Michael P. Cullen


Michael P. Cullen wants to know one thing: “Do You Believe?”

The question “Do You Believe?” is something people want to know. Cullen posits the question in a way that makes us want to watch more

Cullen has a great style. He’s a blend of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen and he gets the viewer engaged on a number of levels. For one thing, the video is compelling. A beautiful woman clearly has something on her mind.

The song is interesting with its continual pacing and it beats out the question until you have to answer one way or another.

Cullen has a great song here and the video helps the viewer envision the lyrics. The story is dramatic, but apropos for a European setting on a dreary day.

Morgane Housset is featured in the video. The video is produced, directed and edited by Graham Gall for Jarbo Productions.

For more on Cullen, see his website at michaelpcullen.com or follow him on Facebook. 

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