Andy Michaels Explores the Sensitive Side with ‘Revisited’


Andy Michaels may be a tough one, but his music is made for lovers.

There’s nothing wrong with having a sensitive side, after all, don’t we all ask for a guy who can listen and emote?

Well, Andy does a lot more than that on the record Revisited.  He covers a range of emotions and the human condition and it’s told with truth and authenticity behind the words.

After all, he had plenty of time to think about life when he was recovering from a car accident that left him incapacitated. He studied guitar during that time and improved his outlook. It’s no wonder he sees life from the sensitive side.


Divergent Range in Vocals and Melodies

Andy has such a divergent vocal range that he is compared to musicians ranging from Cat Stevens to Phil Collins. The Perth, Australia-based musician has a soft spot in his heart for the romantic and will tell you so in his songs.

His music blends contemporary with pop, and rock with tidy arrangements.

“People have compared me from Cat Stevens to Maroon 5, Coldplay, Counting Crows and even Pink Floyd,” Andy says. “It seems I hear some new comparison every time.”

Revisited offers a range of songs for varying tastes in music.

“It’s eclectic,” says Andy. “The first two songs released are ‘Angel’ and ‘Where are You Now.’ Both compositions are poignant, yet powerful ballads with an incredible chill factor.

Michaels wrote the songs and called upon the vocals of Kerrie Ironside for “Angel.”

Andy Michaels has a sensitive side, but he has overcome challenges - Photo courtesy Andy Michael
Andy Michaels has a sensitive side, but he has overcome challenges – Photo courtesy Andy Michael

“Where are You Now” shows off Andy’s guitar and storytelling within an adult-contemporary work. It has a country feel to it.

Andy has amassed a following over the years. His voice is as unusual as the song he writes – with interesting intonations, pitch and range. The blend of his voice and the words to the songs can move some listeners to emotions.

Andy plays regularly around Australia as well as in Asia and China.

Release Name: Revisited

Label: Independent
Producer: Andy Court
Track List:
1. Today’s Tomorrow
2. Angel
3. Just Because you Love Someone
4. When I Close my Eyes
5. I Just want to be the One
6. I’ll Be Alright Loving You
7. Will There Be Love
8. Where are you Now
9. Home
10. Back to Me
11.White Lies
12. Lucretia’s Eylandt
13. Angel (With Choir)

Andy Michaels – Vocals and Guitars
Andy Court – Backing vocals and keyboard
Sharon Court – Vocals and backing vocals
Kerrie Ironside – Vocals and Backing vocals

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