Ajay Mathur Blends International with Love of American Roots on ‘Little Boat’

Feature Photo by BENJAMIN CHAULET, Review By JOHN DALY

Ajay Mathur is a world musician. Not because his work is like world music, but instead, he has brought together all the influences of his life’s travels to the album, Little Boat.

It’s a journey that the Little Boat makes, traveling around the world, an en route Mathur picks up influences of Jimmy Page, Don Cherry and Americana roots.

Sure there’s some French influenced songs and the tones of Mathur’s native India, but he has enough flexibility to show us what people can do if they use the world diaspora for music.

Ajay Mathur’s new album Little Boat follows on his previously released ‘A Matter of Time’ (2011), ‘Come See Conquer’ (2013) and the highly successful ‘9 to 3’ (2015) that earned him a Grammy nomination in 2017.

The album is fun and captures the trials and tribulations people go through in trying to forge relationships and carve out a living in this world.

“Forget About Yesterday,” is a clear favorite, the video for the song is fun and good-natured and we like the New Orleans-meets-India flavor of the song.


Release Info

Artist Name: Ajay Mathur

Location: Switzerland

Release Name: Little Boat

Label: Yakketeeyak Music

Producer: Ajay Mathur

Track List:

01. Here’s the Love

02. Forget About Yesterday

03. Start Living Again

04. Grooving in Paris (All My Choices)

05. Little Boat

06.There We Are (Do It Right or Not at All)

07.My Wallet Is a House of Cards

08. Ordinary Memory

09. While I’m Still Standing Here

10. All Your Thoughts

11. Who’s Sorry Now

12. Time for Deliverance

13. Kartehuus (My Wallet Is a House of Cards)


Ajay Mathur: guitars, vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, guitar and field effects

Christian Winiker: guitars, lap steel guitar, bass

Fausto Medici: drums and percussion

Gregory Schaerer: bass

Dani Lauk: blues harp, Cajon accordion, tin whistle

Rupak Pundit: Tablas percussion

Produced by Ajay Mathur.

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