Mailman Delivers New-Age Pop Music with Single ‘Owe It To My Heart’


Mailman delivers new-age pop music with the latest double single, “Owe It To My Heart”/”The Truth Will Out.”

Check it out here:

It’s an interesting approach to songwriting and arranging by the UK performer known as the Mailman.

The song is an upbeat, with some minor keys at different parts of the tune. The sound is a little like Loggins and Messina blended with The Cure.

Mailman also has an album Yang Yin, which will be released in the fall.

The album is appropriately titled because this Mailman seems to have had life experience on all sides of the street and it’s obvious from the range of melodies and verse he puts out there. The songs run the gamut with interesting chord changes and melodies that almost seem influenced by world travel.

Yang Yin is an interesting work,with most songs falling into the category of prog rock, reminicent of STYXX or RUSH with fuzzy guitar. Mailman has a strong voice and uses it in a variety of ways with deep intonations to higher range. The guitar work on Yang Yin is strong and the record is professionally mixed.

Instead of Yang Yin, the Mailman ought to call the record The Truth Hurts. That’s because the Mailman doesn’t mince words. His song lyrics are straight to the point.

We are partial to the songs “Nothing In The Way,” Through The Day,” and wish there were more songs out there like “Broken Wing Cycle, an avant-garde, fast-paced rocker.

There is no release date yet, but in the meantime listen to other excellent works by Mailman here:


Release Info
Artist Name: Mailman
Location: Horsham, West Sussex, UK
Release Name: Owe It To My Heart / The Truth Will Out (double ‘A side’ single)
Release Date: Jun 01, 2018
Label: Zeitgeist Manifest (my own label so independent really)
Producer: Jamie Stanley (aka: Stan / Mailman)
Track List:
1. Owe It To My Heart
2. The Truth Will Out

Jamie Stanley (aka: Stan / Mailman): Everything on the record – Live: vocals, guitar and piano
Styles: Rock, Alt-rock, Indie, Pop

Release Notes
The album/singles were mastered and hugely supported by award-winning mastering engineer Mandy Parnell (The XX, Bjork, Brian Eno and many more). All tracks written and performed by Stan. Album track ‘Come What May’ features original Cutting Crew member Colin Farley on bass.

Artist Biography
Sussex, UK-based singer-songwriter and producer Jamie Stanley (aka: Stan / Mailman) has been writing, recording and performing his music for as long as he can remember.


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