Paul Maged Shows Disdain for Corporation and Guns on ‘The Glass River’


Paul Maged has a passion for humanity but says this world has too many ways to limit creativitity of the individual.  His new, 6-song EP The Glass River offers a range of tunes a defiant rock fan would like.

The songs all have a good message or good beat, but show particular disdain for organizations and entities that put down the individual.

“Choices” is the song that’s most appealing on the new album, while “The Glass River (Ballad of Alan and Jane)” sounds a bit too much like one of Jack Black’s band’s songs.

As in “Corprate Hell,” Maged has a lot to say.  Let’s just say it does not appear that Maged likes the idea of anyone working in the corporation.  To that, we certainly can relate, but choices for the average worker today are more and more limited so it is the unfortunate decision for many to work in this idea-killing environment. Maged has a good sense of humor and enjoys incorporating the video into his storytelling:

The first single on Maged’s The Glass River is “Gunz 4 Hire,” a commentary on guns being so readily available to people.  It is a fast-paced song for an issue that is too slow in rectifying.

“The subsequent shootings in Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs and Parkland have unfortunately made this song remain very relevant,” Maged said.

Artist Name: Paul Maged
Location: New York City
Release Name: The Glass River
Release Date: Mar 28, 2018
Label: Independent
Producer: Sean Gill
Track List:
1. Gunz 4 Hire
2. Corporate Hell (The Legend of Tooly McDouche)
3. Choices
4. The Glass River (The Ballad of Alan & Jane)
5. For the Sea
6. Life Goes By prelude

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