Nick Lamb Takes a New Turn with Single ‘Simple Man’


Nick Lamb just wants the simple things in life and his single, “Simple Man,” reflects this.

With his latest single, Lamb shows that at the core he is a no-frills musician who strips down his emotions to the sparce words and melody. He puts it all out there with his latest song.

“Ain’t got much money but I’m trying baby, maybe love is all we need,” Lamb croons on “Simple Man,” but it’s a catch-22 of sorts.

The truth is, it’s nice to think that love is “all we need,” but like music sometimes there needs to be more.  In the case of Lamb’s “Simple Man,” we are waiting for a chorus or hook to kick in.

Lamb takes on the role of balladeer with the latest song. He has a following and to some degree “Simple Man” is a departure, as his previous work includes upbeat and driving rock and roll.  He has a solid album called Rock N Roll’s My Road. The title track is strong with a contagious beat.

“Getting High Off You” is another revved up rocker and proves that Lamb’s more rock and roll nature definitely gets the best of him:

One thing is for sure, Lamb is not afraid to explore his a diverse range of styles of music.  In our success-driven world it is not easy or inexpensive to try new things, so kudos to Lamb for putting out a range of good music.

Artist Name: Nick Lamb
Location: Riverside, Calif.
Release Name: Getting High off You, Simple Man
Label: Independent
Producer: Nick Lamb
Musicians: Nick Lamb, vocals and guitars lead, rhythm, and bass. Steve Harding, bass and Johnson Zhang, drums.
Styles: Rock, Rock n Roll, Alt Rock, Pop Rock

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