Demetrius N Vince Bring The Blues and Americana Into the New Era


Chicago-based Demetrius N Vince perform a modern update of funk, blues, and Americana music with their new album, Americana Soul.

They’ve released the title track and it sounds like a combination of every midwestern Americana song there is, only with a new flare. Demetrius N Vince met at an open mic night in Chicago, an indicator that these are marketing-savvy, hard-working musicians.

Heavily saturated production calls to mind the heyday of disco music, and middle-American subject matter down-home blended into a style that captures what sounds like the origins of rock and roll music.

This album, for both of us, is like a senior thesis. It sums up our talents as musicians, song writers and more importantly as artists’. This album is only the beginning of whats to come from Demetrius N Vince…Americana Soul..feel it, love it…enjoy it.

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“Americana Soul” sounds like true American product. The guys have an appeal that crosses boundaries.

Check out their music videos

Release Info
Artist Name: Demetrius N Vince
Release Name: Americana Soul
Release Date: Sep 12, 2017
Label: Independent: “Demetrius Music Productions, LLC”
Producer: Demetrius Music Productions, LLC
Track List:
1. Americana Soul
2. Slave
3. Ruby
4. Good Soul
5. Fred Hampton
6. Daisy’s Prayer Room
7. Chicago
8. Let’em Know
9. Different
10. How Bout That
Double Disc- The Get Up Side / The Naked Side
Musicians: Demetrius Triplet – lead vocals, guitar, bass and production; Vince Sandri – Vocals and lead guitar.



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