WB Jones and Jim Taylor create a dynamic country rock sound - Photo courtesy of WB Jones

‘Remember The Alamo’ Album a Country Rock Winner

The Texas-based country bluegrass band Free Willy has produced a new album entitled Remember the Alamo and it’s definitely unforgettable.

Released through Buddha Belly Records, Remember the Alamo is a fun collection of inspiring country-alternative tunes created by a bunch of veteran musicians.  If you like the Allman Brothers Band, Pure Prairie League and New Riders, you’ll like Free Willy.

Remember The Alamo

The band is cohesive. W.B. Jones does an amazing job on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Jim Taylor is a nice compliment on back-up vocals and plays a mean bass; Spence Peppard is also on back-up vocals and plays a strong lead guitar and drums, he takes lead vocal on American Medley. Kevin Carter plays outstanding fiddle and mandolin, and Steve DeVries chimes in with banjo and harmonica.

In all, Remember The Alamo is a fun bluegrass album and is recommended to anyone who loves bluegrass and country rock. While most of the songs have fiddle, the melodic “Not Your Everyday Lovesong” is truly reminicent of Vassar Clemens and his work with The Grateful Dead.

WB Jones and Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor recorded, mastered, and produced the album at his studio, The Mixing Room, in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Free Willy plays an interesting acoustic-vocal mix of original Bluegrass and Americana selections.

The band came together in the Fall of 2016, at The Mixing Room, a recording studio in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Songwriter Jones wanted to get his songs out to the public and contacted producer Taylor at the studio and they put together a great crew of musicians. Jones wanted to create “Free Willy Sound,” with the instruments playing overlapping on breaks instead of having all the instruments each take turns.

WB Jones and Jim Taylor create a dynamic country rock sound - Photo courtesy of WB Jones
WB Jones and Jim Taylor create a dynamic country rock sound – Photo courtesy of WB Jones

“Last fall, I walked into Camp Street Cafe in Crockett, Texas, guitar in tow, to participate in

the quarterly acoustic jam session/open mic night,” Jones said.  “As I stood in the back, I was moved by the effect of twenty-five or so acoustic instruments playing their various parts in unison. I determined to dig through my files, recover the songs I had written through these past 40 years or so, pick out my favorites, and attempt to recreate that sound to share with the world.”

Jones has succeeded. There are some true gems on this record, including “Amazing Gracie,” “God Has a Name” and the amusing “It’s Good if you Like It.”

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