Lochness Monster is Very Much Alive with New Album ‘Fables’


Lochness Monster is no fable, the alternative style music from this rock and roll band is very real.

Lochness Monster was formed in 2014 by Justin Shaner on guitar (formerly of Giving Chase) and includes Michael Morello on vocals, Rene Rivera on drums (formerly of Josie McQueen), and Camilo Zea on bass (formerly of Punto Ge).




Shaner and Morello recorded Lochness Monster’s first full-length LP Fables in the summer of 2016. They’ve used a selection of top musicians and on the album is Andre Serafini on drums (Quit, King Friday) and Larry Monteleone as the studio bassist, James Paul Wisner recorded, mixed, and produced (Further Seems Forever, Hands Like Houses, Underoath, Paramore). Fables was released in January of 2017.

Fables caught on at the college level and made a name from there. The album made the CMJ charts in the No. 50 position.

Lochness Monster released its first music video for the song “Pixie Cut” off the album.

Weezer Meets Slayer

The Lochness Monster guys like to mix genres, as much of their work is like a Weezer-meets-Slayer with driving beats and catchy melodies.

Other musicians contributing to the band’s collection of work  include: Aleksander Todevski and Kenny Cordova on bass, and Felix Ovalle on drums.

Lochness Monster can be found playing shows across Florida and they’re a Miami favorite.


1. First Flight

2. Pendulum

3. Fables

4. Pixie Cut

5. Lencois

6. Anchors Gone

7. 15 Rounds

8. Salem

9. Nocturnes

10. Final Bow

11. The Grove

Check out the Lochness Monster website for more information.

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