Chrystyna Marie Puts a Gritty Touch on the Blues with New Album, ‘Life’


Chrystyna Marie knows that things are not all they appear to be.

Her new album, Life, makes it clear that she has been around the block once or twice.

The lively songstress writes about topics that everyone knows — love, desire, sadness and passion — and she does it in gritty blues style.

Chrystyna puts an edgy touch to the blues, with songs that capture the imagination, a touch of trumpet and memories that draw the listeners back to a memorable time.

Her band keeps things moving at a good clip with Bazil Donovan on bass; Michelle Josef on drums and percussion; Jason Sniderman on piano, organ and guitar; David Gavin Baxter on guitars, banjo, keyboards and percussion; Paul Reddick on harmonica; Jim McGrath on trumpet and Philip Oleksiak and Joanna Medeiros on background vocals.

Chrystyna Marie’s new album, ‘Life’ hits all the high notes – Photo courtesy of Chrystyna Marie

The record was produced, engineered and mixed by David Gavin Baxter at Knob and Tube recording and was mastered by Phil Demetro.

Standout tracks on this solid offering are “The Witching Hour” and “Devil With the Angel Eyes.”


1)  I Want That Boom Boom

2)  Devil With The Angel Eyes

3)  Mr.  Insecurity

4) The Witching Hour

5) Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out

6)  Stop Stoppin’ Myself

7)  A Woman Knows

8) MaMa’s Blues



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