Alex Siegel Creates A Beautiful Record with New Album, ‘Röykkä’


Alex Siegel keeps a low profile but this is one musician who could break out big if he so chooses.  The songs on his new album, Röykkä are catchy, sensitive and beautifully produced.

It’s too bad this musician doesn’t have a rich uncle seemingly like the rest of the music world these days.  After all there are countless young “musicians” with big egos who have made it on Daddy’s money.

Real Musical Talent

But Siegel represents that part of the population that is a real musical talent and who brings that talent out to the people.

Check out the website for Alex Siegel.

He’s a California guy who lives in Santa Monica and Röykkä is his first album, recorded in Finland with co-producer Matti Kari.

The album even covers topics that are foreign to most people, like enjoying life and the beauty it has to bring.  The music also touches on themes dealing with interdependence and the freedom from that interdependence.

Alex Siegel – Simply beautiful music – photo courtesy of Siegel

One look at Alex and it’s easy to see that the thought of sunny Southern California doesn’t exactly come to mind right away.

Röykkä was recorded in the countryside of Finland in the fall. The record has a cool, easygoing feel to it and is pure Scandinavia at its core. It’s refreshing to listen to something that soothes the soul at this hectic time in our global society.

Alex Siegel creates music about life – photo courtesy of Siegel

Musicians like Siegel need to be nurtured and encouraged as his work is a refreshing departure from the tired, by-the-book genres out there.

Siegel is new and refreshing and puts a young face on the age-old practice of enjoying a simple life and communicating about it.

Our favorite track is “Good Leg,” but the entire album is a keeper.

Run Home
Hope You’ll Be
Good Leg
Hanging On A Star
Summer Tune
Quiet King
Stronger Than Love

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