Shawna Virago Takes A New Turn on Album, ‘Heaven Sent Delinquent’


Transgender musician and solo acoustic performer Shawna Virago plucks at the heartstrings on her new barrier-breaking studio album, Heaven Sent Delinquent (Tranimal Records).

Maybe that’s because her heart is in every song she writes and performs. And she has amassed a great collection of alt-folk, punk songs.

Shawna Virago: A new voice that brings hope and inspiration – Photo courtesy Shawna Virago

Heaven Sent Delinquent is available on vinyl, CD, download (CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon) and streaming (SoundCloud).

Escape is the main theme here, and whether the need is real or imagined, it’s articulated by a cast of outsiders, queer rebels and loners. The songs tell the story  by these escape artists who come from a variety of backgrounds and emotional journeys.

“These are the stories of my generation, a generation of transgender people who came out long before the internet, before transgender celebrities and reality TV stars,” Virago said. “Before anybody gave a shit about us.”

The issues here are real, and Shawna Virago is a new voice chiming in for justice for  transgender people.

Shawna Virago in concert

Virago’s songs are well-written with a special ironic and witty touch. It’s a folk-punk guitar style she brandishes like a weapon. Virago portrays a range of lyrical landscapes on Heaven Sent Delinquent, filled with provocateurs, fighting women and and misfits.

Check out Virago’s Facebook page here:

But Virago’s talents extend beyond music: She is also the Artistic Director of the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival.

Check out the video for Gender Armageddon here:

Watch the “making of” video for the album:


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