Gumshen Puts Together a Life-Assuring Work with Single ‘Fallacy’


Normally we wouldn’t listen too much to people who who claim to be a “fallacy,” but in the case of the band Gumshen, we’ll gladly make an exception.

The truth is this Seattle-based band is far from being a fallacy.  Gumshen is real and the video that goes with this song depicts how interesting this band truly is. It’s kind-of a dark song, dealing with how our lives have all been fake, but we find this work proves just the opposite.

The song, ‘Fallacy’ by Gumshen, is life-assuring – Photo courtesy Gumshen

If the band is trying to be deep, it works, but the music is so unique and the video is so cool we can’t help but think the band knows its song about being a fallacy is actually a falsehood.

Hopefully some other bands out there that are trying for success in this electronica genre will take note of Gumshen’s work.  The song “Fallacy” was created by Ron Hippe, the vocalist, who also plays guitar.

The rest of the band includes Jan Ciganik on guitar, Chip Reno on keys and bass, Dennis McCoy on Drums and the song was produced by Gumshen and Michael Cozzi. The innovative video is directed by Mark Janke.

The video for the song was recorded at the Market Theater in Pike Place Market.  It’s the site of Theater Sports presented by Seattle’s leading improv-comedy theatre, Unexpected Productions.

Gumshen is a rock-electronic band that takes this genre work to an interesting place. “Fallacy” is superbly produced with cool sounds and effects. The vocals are strong and the offbeat synth gives the work a driving, tried-and-true quality.

Buy the song on Bandcamp:

One fortunate thing where Gumshen is thinking ahead is the band has its own studio, DigiPhobe, where they record all the sounds. The final 10 percent of the mix is done in Michael Moscozzi’s studio in Seattle.

The guest drummer on the song is Greg Gilmore.

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