CK Flach Puts a Fire in Protest Songs Reminiscent of The 1960s


What a stylish collection of thoughts C.K. Flach has put to music. Empty Mansions is one of those rare pieces that is likely to influence other musicians over years to come.

CK Flach and his songs of protest off ‘Empty Mansions’ – Photo courtesy CK Flach

Empty Mansions is different enough that people will remember the brutally honest protest songs powered by raging lyrics with simple piano and guitar enhancements. There are cliffhangers and hooks, and while many of the curves around the bend may seem familiar, Flach brings the listener off the map and into completely new territory musically.

But as they say, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” and it’s clear that Flach believes this. So this album is a warning.

Flach incorporates a lot of his Albany, N.Y.-based attitude into his music. It’s alternative Americana with a recurring suspenseful tone throughout. We’re particularly fond of “The Officer” and “Machine Gun.”

The Empty Mansions songs are politically driven or issue-oriented and it’s refreshing to listen to a musician who wants to fight the man.  Lots of protest artists talk a good game, but Flach puts his fiery words to work.

Flach plays all the instruments himself and he turned to Ingenium Audio for production.

Empty Mansions Tracklisting
Boxcar Dreaming
Munich, Calamity
The Officer
Queen Caroline
Empty Mansions
Machine Gun

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