Dusty Grant Gives Interpretation of Life Lessons With New Single


The debut single from Americana rock singer-songwriter Dusty Grant is called  “This Longing Heart” and you can tell he really means it.

Grant sings with true passion. His work comes straight from the heart and is in the same style as some of rock’s most well-known musicians.

Actually, Grant really coming is coming from the heartland of the U.S. — Omaha Nebraska —  where he learned some of life’s most valuable lessons and it’s reflected in the new song.

Grant has a great rock n roll voice and his lyrics are strong. But it’s apparent he’s endured some challenges and heartbreak. “This Longing Heart” has nice chord progressions and it’s a nice to hear a song that doesn’t have many other instruments drowning out the voice. The starkness of the sound accurately reflects the loneliness of the song.

Dusty Grant recording ‘This Longing Heart’ – Photo courtesy Dusty Grant

Grant produced the single with Jason Catlett at Magnitude Creative.

Grant has been writing, recording, and performing original music for 17 years. He got his start fronting metal and hard rock bands, and that influenced a change to dark acoustic rock songs with grunge influence.

Grant always loved music but it was in college when he started to write, record, and perform his own original pieces.  Since then, he has learned to play various instruments and has never stopped working on improving as a musician and bringing new ideas to life.

Grant is inspired by the ups and downs of life and his lyrics reflect rebirth.

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