‘Revolutionary Soul’ by Derek Davis Reflects Attitude of a True Renaissance Rebel

Second Album a Bluesy Take on Revolution Rock


Derek Davis wants to give ‘The Man’ a black eye with his new album, Revolutionary Soul.

He gives a big appearance and he has the voice to match. Let’s put it this way: If he’s starting a revolution, we’re on board.

Davis was an Arista Records recording artist and is the Babylon A.D. frontman so he’s no stranger to creating and performing great music. He follows up his first solo debut Revolt with his new 12-song release, Revolutionary Soul. 

Revolutionary Soul is a collection of songs, the majority of which Davis wrote, and all of which he arranged and produced. He also plays all the instruments and sings.  Davis is a Renaissance guy with not only a Revolutionary Soul but a rebel attitude to boot.

Davis’ blends old school R and B, with rock and funk and the result is a powerful and energetic release. “Revolutionary Soul,” the title track, is a knockout and it’s definitely the top single of the record.

Davis has a theme about how the human has to overcome the man that runs through all his work.

We like his cover of the Amy Winehouse hit “Valerie” as he gives is a manly touch and brings to light a new angle on a young classic. The arrangements are slick and it’s obvious Davis has the chops and has been around the music business. We don’t typically grade albums but if we did, this would get four stars, for his natural talent, for the interesting and timely lyrics, for the arrangement and for Davis’ attitude.

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