My Silent Bravery Captures the Surreal Sound and Feel of Heartbreak in Video ‘Face To Face’

Album Breakthrough is High Point for Matthew Wade


Matthew Wade has more than a few stories to tell, but listeners have to go between the lines to get the meaning.

Wade’s My Silent Bravery creates the kind of music that empowers and gives hope to those who are really in need of something to lift their spirits.  After all, if someone as talented and nice as Wade can have relationship problems, then there’s hope for the rest of us.


Wade’s music has a dreamy quality about it and his vocals are strong and clear, ranking with the best out there. The production quality of his latest album, Breakthrough, is excellent and the mix underscores the raw talent of My Silent Bravery.

There’s a new video for the song “Face to Face” and it depicts a girl and a guy in what appear to be normal surroundings. But while it addresses a familiar scenario — breakup — it hints that there may be more to the situation that we think. We’ve been here before, as Wade previously enlisted the listener with the heartbreak story behind the end of a relationship on “Warning Signs.”

My Silent Bravery has been hard at work. Breakthrough, the third album, was released last September. The video for the single, “Drunk off the Sun” topped 500,000 views on YouTube, trended overseas and reached the number one spot on YouTube’s most popular chart in Brazil.

“Drunk Off the Sun” was even featured at 35,000 feet — on United Airlines’ playlist, “The Hits List” last summer.  That’s no easy feat and those airline marketing promotions ring up pretty big numbers to boot, reaching millions of people.

Breakthrough’s second single and video, “Warning Signs” also trended overseas on YouTube and was a finalist in the 2016 International Acoustic Music Awards.

Face To Face Video

Wade is clearly unseen by the object of his affection in the video of the acoustic version of “Face To Face.”

Wade is a true romantic and the “Face to Face” video captures what often seems to be the senseless and unrequited love that most of us endure.

It’s not clear whether the girlfriend in the video has moved on or she just never really noticed him or his desperate efforts in the first place.

But it’s certain that My Silent Bravery can’t be ignored. We look forward to more.

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