Grown Up Avenger Stuff Puts It ‘All In Motion’ With New Single


Grown Up Avenger Stuff is getting some forward momentum with their new single, “All In Motion.”

The band is comprised of veteran guitarist John Thomsen and his sons Hunter, on bass, and Tyler on drums and percussion, and vocalist Ray Stern.

“All In Motion” has a dreamy but gritty sound that captures the imagination and is sure to capture audiences.

Grown Up Avenger Stuff first came to light in 2014 and they’ve been making gritty, indie rock ever since.

The band has no lack of touring experiene; GUAS has toured the US including appearances at one of the largest music festivals such as Summerfest, in Milwaukee; NoDa Summerfest in Charlotte; and Center of the Universe Fest in Tulsa, as well as shows at South By Southwest.

Their high-energy live shows have gone international with dates at K-Days in Edmonton, one of Canada’s top festivals, Indie Music Week and Canadian Music in Toronto, and toured European cities in Italy, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

GUAS has worked with Mark Needham, an engineer who has worked with The Killers, Shakira, Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak and Blues Traveler and others.

“All In Motion” is worth a listen and is bound to attract a broad range of fans.  The music is rock with a sympathetic edge, the perfect sound to motivate and inspire and we look forward to more from this innovative group.

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