John Hickman Video ‘Hello Hello,’ A Reminiscent Take on He and She


“Hello Hello” by John Hickman is a fun power pop song that brings together a lot of solid elements: Happiness, innovative animation and an upbeat sound.

John Hickman’s video for ‘Hello Hello’ reminds us of early MTV days

If you’re old enough to remember the video for A Ha’s “Take On Me,” the video for “Hello Hello” will jog your brain.

Hickman shows us that achieving your goals can be accomplished whether you’re in your teens or in your older years. His voice, as evidenced through his diverse collection of material is adaptable to almost any style.

Check out his John Hickman’s Facebook Page.

He went from full-time aerospace engineer to full-time musician with a few strums of the guitar. His style vacillates from rock to mellow folk to spacey David Bowie-esque tunes. He apparently emulates the sounds of the 1960s and 1970s.

Hickman lives on Maui, with his wife and he’s clearly living the life.

Remnants is Hickman’s most recent, stellar album, which was mixed and engineered by Jonathan Plum and mastering engineer Geoff Ott.  It’s a worthy addition to any record collection. A multitasker by nature, Hickman sings the lead and background vocals on all tracks and plays keyboards on all tracks except for two.


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