Marty McKay Makes ‘Escape’ to New York City in New Release


There are eight million stories in the naked city and Marty McKay is revealing the ones he knows in the upcoming album New York City Dreams.

His new music video and single “Escape” capture the gigantic nature of New York City, and it’s an impressive feat considering Marty’s from Switzerland.

new-york-city-dreams-westcoastrocker-mckay“It’s not where you’re from that matters, it’s where you at,” says the Zurich-born alternative-style musician, who started as a D.J. on TV. But scratching out the tunes wasn’t enough and Marty started to hone his voice and with it address pressing issues of today.

Pre-order New York City Dreams here.

With New York City Dreams, Marty aurally illustrates life in the big city. He has a girl then loses her, and aren’t these the struggles we all endure?  He puts together the words and music that summon his serious challenges with relationships, work and life. Check out his website here.

Marty McKay explores inner urban on New York City Dreams -
Marty McKay explores inner urban on New York City Dreams –

On the new album he’s still working out many of the hurdles that inspired his 2014 debut album, Sin’s Disciple.  That album is a modern revisiting of the seven deadly sins and his work encompasses an adult novel that accompanies the release. Check out Marty McKay’s Facebook Page here.

Marty has accomplished a great deal in life. He’s even toured Europe with Vanilla Ice.

Marty took up sociology and psychology and he became interested in what motivates people.  He uses the information in his music.

New York City Dreams will be released Feb. 24. It’s available for pre-order on iTunes here.

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