Justin Ryan Blends Country with Alternative Sound on ‘Warm Whiskey Nights’

Justin Ryan's new album, Warm Whiskey Nights
Justin Ryan’s new album, Warm Whiskey Nights


Justin Ryan is one of those rare home-grown singer-songwriters finding success in the popular mainstream.  And he owes a lot of that success to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Justin, who has a new album, Warm Whiskey Nights, started out like any other musician.

He put together a band, All Together Spent, and started gigging around.

But he got an opportunity to really make a difference, playing for troops as a part of an Armed Forces Entertainment tour.  It’s on that tour that he honed his chops and got the chance to perform for the grateful masses.

Justin’s music is positive and helps people feel good. He’s made the Nashville Songwriters Association International “One’s to Watch” list 12 times.

Justin produced, wrote and recorded his first solo album, Off Course, in 2008 while living in New York City.

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Warm Whiskey Nights is somewhat of a departure for Justin.  The music is sensitive without being sappy and while it has a country tinge, it’s based on Justin’s alternative style. The tracks on Warm Whiskey Nights are true.  The songs are upbeat and fun and bring a fresh take on some human topics.

Justin Ryan
Justin Ryan

Meeting the appreciative troops helped give him some new musical material and he learned lessons in humility, always enjoying serving the guys who put their lives on the line.


Justin lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with his wife Annie and their three children Carys, Kellen, and Arden.  A family man and musician, Justin is trying to show his family and the world that musicians can serve an important purpose and serve social change in our society.


Warm Whiskey Nights is Justin’s first full album. It was produced and mixed by Pete Hanlon in Woodstock N.Y. and is available now.

Justin has opened for Better Than Ezra, Third Eye Blind, Scott Welland, and Ed Kowalczyk of the band Live.  On Warm Whiskey Nights, Justin plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar and performs the vocals.


1. Do a Little Dancin

2. Like She’s Already Gone

3. How Will I Know When It’s Over (Heart In Handcuffs)

4. All Your Money

5. Never Let You Down

6. Warm Whiskey Nights

7. Appalachias Home to Me

8. Take a Little Time

9. Through My Eyes

10. It’s Only Rain

11. Rock n’ Roll Man

12. Love Me When I’m Rainin’

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