‘Broken Rainbow Ballads for an Apocalyptic World’ by Band no:carrier is a Dark Adventure

broken rainbow no carrier west coast rockerBy JOHN DALY

The dark electronic band no:carrier has released a full-length album, Broken Rainbow Ballads for an Apocalyptic World.

The electro noir band explores humanity’s dark side with songs that cover everything from broken love to addiction.

Broken Rainbow covers a lot of tough topics but handles them in a sensitive manner. The songs we like are “When The Rain Falls,” and “Holy Judas” but the other tracks are equally interesting, including “The Day I Met You,” and “Little Death.”

Check out the EP Broken Rainbow on Soundcloud

The band no:carrier is comprised of Lauralee Brown, Scilla Siekmann, Liza Marie Sparks,  Chris Wirsig, Cynthia Wechselberger and Bobby Halvorson.

soundcloud west coast rocker - broken rainbow

Originally founded in 1995 in Germany, no:carrier boasts the impressive vocal talents of lead singer Cynthia Wechselberger, who still lives in Germany, Wirsig lives in California

At the beginning of the year no:carrier teamed up with singers in San Francisco and Los Angeles to record four unlikely cover versions for the spring EP “Ghosts Of The West Coast.”

Check out the no:carrier website

The songs could be characterized as apocolyptic-themed Renaissance songs.  They capture a simpler time, but one that is carefully watching an uncertain future.

“We’re not going on the trodden paths,”  said songwriter and producer Chris Wirsig. “We stay true to our ideals and write and record exactly the songs we want.”

Wirsig said drastic times require appropriate songs.

“We are truly living in exciting, but also very strange and dangerous times,” Wirsig said. “More and more people seem to fall back into an archaic mental state, where dog-eat-dog is the norm and humanity is left to die, while we still make scientific and cultural progress, but … mankind doesn’t seem to be fit for the 21st century yet.”

The band’s 2015 EP release is “Ghosts Of The West Coast.” Broken Rainbow is no:carrier’s fourth full-length album.

In addition to producing no:carrier, Chris also produces soundtracks for film such as 2016’s creepy short movie 20 Matches and games Alien Tribe 2 as well as music for TV shows and commercials, and instrumental albums The 13 Crystal Skulls.

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