Michael Van West Coast Rocker

Michael Van and The Movers Take Listeners to New Places With ‘A Little More Country’


Michael Van and The Movers want people to appreciate the simple things in life.  The band has released a new album called A Little More Country that talks about the pleasures of every day life.

Whether you’re a fan of alt-country music or not, this is one well-produced, beautifully mixed and mastered album for the collection.  The songs are catchy and capture the essence of what the band says it really is: Whiskey Laden Original Alternative Country.

“What I really mean with A Little More Country is getting back to the richness of the simple things in life, the roots of our music and the simple truths that try to come out with every song.” Van is pure Georgia through and through and he’s the thinking man’s modern country musician. A Little More Country checks out the boundaries of the emotions we all feel.

Michael Van and The Movers are apparently no strangers to producing beautiful alt-country music.  One of our favorites is “Skeddadle Mountain Lullaby,” the lively “Juanita,” with its fuzzy guitar and intricate mandolin, the funky “Pretty Penny,” and the average Joe’s lament, “Getting Drunk On A Monday.”

The voices, particularly those of Pete Ahonen and Michael Van bring a new twist to a tried and true genre.

The music of Michael Van and The Movers is more than a group of great musicians putting together a little finger picking and strumming with a twang. With cool original tunes, Michael Van and The Movers play music that projects images of good times, carefree days and a hopeful tomorrow on the horizon.

Michael Van plays acoustic guitar and vocals, Pete Ahonen is on electric guitar, banjo and vocals, Alan Bond plays mandolin, fiddle and vocals, Larry Lawson plays bass, Bob Skye is on drums and harmonica, special guest Mark Berhard Stevenson is on steel guitar, and Noah Duvernell and Paul Ohnemus play drums.

The album is arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Van and The Movers at Flying Blue Monkey Studio.

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